A study in astro-logic or, how the inception of a group was ascertained . . .

When Jason Holley and I connected in Seattle at NORWAC 2016, we discussed starting a local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research https://geocosmic.org) chapter in Santa Fe where we both live.
Groups in Santa Fe are not an easy thing to start and maintain, by the way. We sent out emails and made phone calls and were able to gather a group of about 15 people on Tuesday 2 August 2016 at 6:30 pm.
During the course of the evening we discussed the benefits and requirements of being a local chapter and at some point in the evening we called for a vote of commitment to start the new group.

As many of you know, astrology is all about timing and the start of a new astrological group is no different.
The national NCGR board which approves chapter charters, requires an inception date, time and place for the group so as to know and understand the archetypal patterns of each chapter.
This started a question in my head: When was our group’s inception date? Which of the following dates or times would you consider?

  1. When Jason and I discussed starting a new NCGR chapter
  2. The time when we started our meeting on 2 August 2016
  3. When the vote was taken to create the new group
  4. When the national NCGR board accepts our new chapter

While there are arguments for each of the four, I will show how there was really only one time in the end. In my opinion, this is one of the many beautiful examples of how astrology works.
First off, I need to say that I had recently read the beautifully researched and written article by Marilyn Muir in the NCGR Research Journal volume 6, Fall 2016 about the controversial U.S. chart birth date.
Ms. Muir’s article showed a very strong statistically significant relationship (as in EVERY president!) between the chart and each of our presidents in a way that left little doubt as to the possible birth time of our country.
When our group met on 1 November 2016, one of our talking points, or duties for the evening  was to come up with our inception date. Using the logic presented in the article on the U.S., we discussed each of the four dates stated above and began to use a series of astrological calculations to determine the “birth” of our new group. We pretty quickly zeroed in on 2 August 2016.
The time we met didn’t “work” as some points of focus represented by the planetary relationships were just not right. We then started figuring out about what time we voted to become a chapter.
This was a clear statement of intention that was a culmination of the evening’s discussions and a clarification of each person’s commitment to be in this group. Unfortunately, we did not keep track of time when we did our vote on 2 August.
In the back of my mind, I remembered that after we had the vote that there was about 45 minutes left to the meeting which would put our time right around 19:45.
I pulled out my cellular telephone and opened my AstroGold app and started with 19:30 and moved the chart forward by the minute to see where the Ascendant could be found.
For the majority of the last hour the Ascendant was in Aquarius, so that was easy. Then Jason came up with the idea to read the Sabian symbols (these are a series of 360 Koan-like, thought provoking, one to three line statements of every degree of the zodiac wheel), but not stating the number and reading them out of order.
We closed our eyes and listened to each Sabian symbol from two to nine degrees of Aquarius and then we all voted on which of the symbols resonated the most with the group. Surprisingly enough, only two of the eight symbols resonated:

A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader


A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play

The interesting thing about these two statements is they are right next to one another in the list of symbols! This helped us to narrow down the time.
We then started doing our detective work by looking at the charts of our four officers and the chart popped right into view! The chart we zeroed in on was for 19:42 with an Aquarius rising at 4 degrees 57 minutes.
The newly elected president of the group, which is me, has an Aquarius Sun at 6 degrees 19 minutes -which is only a one degree and 22 minute applying conjunction –thank you very much!
Similar relationships, mainly conjunctions, were found in each of the four officer’s chart and of course the lovely Sabian statement: A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader
I have to admit, we were all pretty proud of ourselves, working as a group (Aquarius ascendant), each of us using our astrological understanding to arrive at the time of our group’s birth as a new NCGR chapter.
This helped us to not only see and understand our group’s chart, but also to see each of our individual personal respective relationships to the group.
If you are in Santa Fe and wish to join, please feel free to email me. Thanks for reading my blog and wishing each of you a beautiful day!