Loving communication

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Out of many of the aspects in the chart, a common one is a Mercury Venus conjunction. A conjunction is when two planets are in the same place at the same time in the sky -from the perspective of the Earth. Just to clarify, they aren’t in the same actual space; otherwise, there would be, of course, a collision between the two planets!  In the sense of a collision, there is a coming together of two -think of two lovers coming together, for, just like the new Moon (aka Moon Dark) a “new birth” occurs with each conjunction. The “birth” is a new expression of the archetypes of the two or more planets involved, just as when a man and a woman form a union together, they birth a blend of the two in the form of their children. This is true of all conjunctions, not just about the one of which I am discussing today.

Why is the Mercury Venus conjunction common? First of all, these two planets are never more than 76 degrees apart in the horoscope, and, secondarily they are both closer to the Sun and therefore have the shortest planetary orbits (or “years”) of any other planet in the Solar System. Mercury returns to the same place in the sky about every 88 days and Venus returns to the same place in the sky about every 225 days.  It is interesting to watch their “dance” through the Zodiac if you use an animated astrological program. It looks as though Mercury is almost like a happy dog, running forward and then doubling back and going behind Venus as she makes her more deliberate, longer forward movement with fewer retrograde cycles than her eager friend Hermes (another name for Mercury).   The last conjunction between the two was 18 March 2017.

I know I gave it away with the title, but about what are we speaking when we find Mercury Venus conjunctions in a chart? Let’s breakdown the archetypes into a few simple key words:

Mercury: Communication, movement, travel -especially short trips

Venus: Love, beauty, unification, pleasure, values

Conjunction: new birth, new ways of doing things

If we play with these words, we get: A new way to lovingly communicate, pleasurable travel, beautiful movement, eloquence, unified movement, speaking one’s values.

Of course these will also be further flavored by the signs (Aries through Pisces) in which the planets are found as well as by their respective element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and modality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable). Taking into account these factors, you can get a vivid sense of the ways in which each of the combinations are likely to play out.

A person with a Mercury Venus conjunction in Scorpio is going to have a fixed depth and intensity to the manner in which they speak and would differ greatly from the light and airy way in which a Mercury Venus conjunction in Gemini person would move and communicate.

For those of you born without a Mercury/Venus conjunction -don’t worry! Thanks to Mercury’s quick run around the Sun, you are able to experience this combination about 4.14 times a year when Mercury, by transit, conjuncts your personal or natal Venus -and, you will experience Venus making a conjunction with your Mercury, by transit, about 1.6 times a year. When you experience these transits, look for a more of rich expression of your natal Mercury or Venus, as these two are good friends in-deed.

Wishing you all more beautiful communication with everyone in your life and especially with yourself!


Many blessings,