A series of transits to awaken a generation

Those of us born in the mid 60s, are in for an interesting treat over the next few months.
Starting in October we have Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo activating our natal Uranus and Pluto opposite our natal Saturn and Chiron.
In addition Pluto will be trining our natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction and sextiling Chiron and Saturn.
Chiron is in our natal Chiron’s sign of Pisces (with many of us already having gone through and others about to go through the Chiron return).
Then those of us born from November 1964 through April 1965 will be experience a Mars return.
And, if that isn’t enough, Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius will activate the third quarter square to our natal Saturn (Crisis in Consciousness!)and starting in January 2016, Saturn will be squaring our collective Uranus/Pluto opposition Chiron.
Is this a Yikes or a collective call for significant change?
This will be a very fascinating and exciting time for each of us, but what does it all mean?
Virgo is the sign of service, resources, discrimination, daily routines and our work and most of us have the Chiron opposition from Pisces as well as Saturn in the mix which has affected many of us in the sense that we have a feeling that our feelings aren’t right or trying to create sandcastles on the beach -they do not last.
Many of our generation have sought work that provides for us financially, while shying away from service oriented positions.
The Virgo/Pisces axis is one which, on an esoteric level, is about sacrificing of and devotion to serving the higher good, but with these four figures (Pluto, Uranus, Chiron and Saturn), we have not done it in the regular way because many of us have been burned (sometimes literally at the stake!) for trying to make the world a better place for humanity and we have that feeling, and cellular memory, in the back of our consciousness.
There is so much to write here, so please bear with me.
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Between a rock and a soft place – Saturn conjunct the Moon

If you have been looking at the moon over the last few nights, you have probably noticed that Saturn is right next to it (last night Saturn was just to the right of the Moon).
Maybe you have also noticed some disturbances in your relationships –from your primary relationship, to friends to family (especially mom)? Or the desire for more clear boundaries in your relationships?
This may be what happens when these two antithetical energies interact: Saturn wants to structure, limit, create boundaries, has hard edges, seeks to discipline (or be the authority) and often uses the word No; whereas the Moon wants to feel nurtured (whether that is through food, love, closeness, and surroundings), supported, loved and wants to say yes.
The Moon often represents your experience of your mother in your chart and Saturn can represent the way you experience your father.
Since the Moon and Saturn are conjunct right now, meaning they are right next to one another like a pair of conjoined twins, we are all having to deal with finding a way to blend these seemingly opposite energies.
On the hard side, maybe it is an argument with a loved one, but on the upside it results in you setting boundaries which give you a healthier way for you to relate to others.
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Retrograde Tackle

This weekend Venus and Uranus join the lineup of outer already retrograding planets: Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
The planets which never retrograde, the Sun and the Moon, join Mars and our regular “favorite” retrograde planet Mercury –all moving in the “normal” forward direction.
In reality, none of the planets move backwards in their orbits around the Sun, but since we live on earth our viewpoint makes them appear as if they are going backwards.
There are periods of times when all of the other planets, except for the Sun and Moon move in an apparently backwards tracing or retrograde fashion.
When a planet is retrograde, there is an intensification of energy, sometimes due to a frustration of the “natural” energy flow in which the planet operates. A pretty familiar example is Mercury.
When Mercury is retrograde the normal means of communication and travel, i.e., the domains over which Mercury operates is frustrated, halted, delayed, unclear.
If on a road trip, a Mercury retrograde period could mean lots of traffic or road work delaying your progress, or the need for a new set of tires (my last Mercury retrograde experience).
The energy makes us go back within ourselves, it becomes personal.
The outer planets from Saturn on often give you three “passes” when in transit, the first forward motion to the point, going beyond and the planet goes retrograde hits the point for the second time and often times continues for a bit until it reverses again and goes forward.
Sometimes there are more passes, like the Pluto Uranus squares which happened seven times! Sometimes you have only have a single pass.
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The Cycles of Life

Life is a series of cycles which continue to unfold as we go along.
We are familiar with some of these cycles, whether we are talking about the terrible twos, mid-life crisis, the transition into retirement, or the transition from the physical plane to the non-physical in death.
Astrology is all about the cycles in life and how they relate to our personal chart throughout our lives.
I was fortunate to take a wonderful developmental astrology class from Leslie Nathanson here in Santa Fe some years ago.
I took the class early in my astrological studies and I have to say I was immediately impressed with the apparent magical efficiency of it all.
Developmental psychology touches these areas, but I felt somehow that astrology provided me with a clearer understanding or vantage point from which to understand these thematic periods in our lives.
I also became painfully aware how our society doesn’t usually allow or give space for us to experience some of these stages, so we find people medicating themselves in order to get through certain periods.
This is how our behaviors and actions become pathologized – meaning we have a disorder, rather than we are experiencing a cycle in our lives.
Some cycles are seen as more positive than others, but the truth is all of these cycles are devoted to our gradual unfolding into all that we came here to be. Like Dolly Parton said, “We cannot have rainbows without rain.”
How each of us experiences these cycles is dependent upon our emotional and psychological maturity (how we meet and deal with the challenges life has presented to us up to this point), the aspects each of the planets make in our birth chart (do we have more squares and oppositions bringing about challenges or do we have the more supportive sextiles and trines?), and, in the largest context, the cycles we all, as humans, typically experience in the course of our path from birth to the grave.
I will delineate the main transits and the core themes associated with these cycles.
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Pluto, the misunderstood -the original Transformer

The story of Pluto or Hades is a complex and dark one.
There are many parallels here to make, Pluto was a planet and then had its planetary status taken away, Pluto took Persephone away from Demeter, and in your personal chart, it will show that which you need to transform or take away or what you will transform for others.
And if you have Pluto in a significant position in your birth chart or in aspect or relationship to your personal planets or points, well, you probably had your childhood taken away –so, so you know the power of Pluto.
I see Pluto as the God of transformation; He destroys everything on your path which obstructs Consciousness.
Pluto, aka Hades, is the God of the underworld. He is equal in power to his brothers Zeus (Jupiter), Poseidon (Neptune) and few are granted access to the underworld and above hell, except for Mercury.
Pluto takes the life out of a party, the giggle out of a person of any age.
While Saturn is considered the planet of maturity, I think there is a maturity which is gained from surviving a Pluto transit.
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The Bali Experience

I want to let you know of an exciting opportunity coming up in September: The Bali Experience!

During the first week, Alan Oken, Laura Nalbandian, Nuno Michaels and I will be giving a variety of talks on the Complete Lunar Landscape. This will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bali while learning and deepening your awareness about various astrological aspects of the Moon. The second week, Alan Oken will be talking on the Mechanics of Consciousness & The Opened Eye.

For more information, please visit: http://alanoken.com/index.php?page=the-bali-experience-2015. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you are able to join us, please do me a favor and mark my name on the bottom of the registration form.

I would love to see you there!

Wishing you well,


The Bali Experience 2015
With Alan Oken, Laura Nalbandian, Michael Bartlett, Nuno Michaels, and Balinese guests.

Conference I: The Wisdom of Astrology — The Complete Lunar Landscape*
September 4 to 11, 2015*

Conference II: The Mechanics of Consciousness & The Opened Eye*
September 13 to 20, 2015*

Bali is known as “The Island of the Gods.” True to this name, Bali’s population of about 4 million people houses over 1 million temples. In fact, there are more temples in Bali than houses—and almost all of these temples are in constant use! Thus no matter its level of tourism, the true essence of Hindu Bali remains intact. Since 1983 Alan Oken has been a frequent visitor to this special island and has called Bali home for the past 7 years. Please join him and a group of some very special teachers as we explore some of the most sacred and beautiful parts of this island while we study The Wisdom of Astrology and The Mechanics of Consciousness.

What is Soul Centered Astrology?


Can you transcend your birth chart?


I just finished giving a webinar series entitled Essential Elements of Soul Centered Astrology. This “branch” of astrology concerns itself with what one’s soul purpose is in life. Having a firm understanding of traditional or exoteric astrology is necessary in order to create the framework from which to understand esoteric astrology. Likewise, traditional exoteric astrology can help one understand how to create the launching pad for the soul to emerge from the personality.

One of the basic tenants of esoteric astrology has to do with the Rays. There are Seven Rays in total and they have to do with the expression of very specific energetic patterns. They are as follows:

Ray One Will
Ray Two Love/Wisdom
Ray Three Active Intelligence
Ray Four Harmony through conflict
Ray Five Concrete Knowledge
Ray Six Sacrifice/Devotion
Ray Seven Synthesis

Each of the 12 astrological signs are made up of combinations of rays (from one to three Rays each) and the planets also are composed of the Rays.

The signs are connected with the Rays as follows:

Aries Rays One and Seven
Taurus Ray Four
Gemini Ray Two
Cancer Rays Three and Seven
Leo Rays One and Five
Virgo Rays Two and Six
Libra Ray Three
Scorpio Ray Four
Sagittarius Rays Four Five and Six
Capricorn Rays One Three and Seven
Aquarius Ray Five
Pisces Rays Two and Six

In Esoteric astrology, there are two additional planets which are included and all of the planets are connected with the Rays in the following ways:

Earth Ray Three
Vulcan Ray One
Sun Ray Two (which makes us a Second Ray solar system!)
Moon Ray Four
Mercury Ray Four
Venus Ray Five
Mars Ray Six
Jupiter Ray Two
Saturn Ray Three
Uranus Ray Seven
Neptune Ray Six
Pluto Ray One

Esoteric Astrology also utilizes different planetary rulerships of the signs. It helps to think of the esoteric view point as a higher octave, both astrologically as well as of life itself. One senses more subtle vibration which focuses one’s perceptions towards harmonizing, fusing, and blending of energies for the highest good, not just for the individual self, but for the collective and the Conscious Self.

When we operate our lives from a more personality centered space (from our ego place, the part of us which is me, my and mine oriented), we are more controlled by the planets and we use exoteric or traditional western astrology to understand what is going on with an individual. When one steps onto the cross or wheel of Consciousness, the power of the planets shifts as does our perceptions of life. We become more personal to the impersonal and more impersonal to the personal. Our focus shifts from personal desire to the greater good. From this place it is possible to transcend one’s chart.

We have to understand that as long as we inhabit a body on the physical plane, we are going to view life through the exoteric or personality centered lens. Of course the strength or weakness of this lens varies depending upon our level of consciousness and the work we have done to transform our personal desires into the desire for the collective good. Part of this is about chronological age, because as one grows older the desires of one’s youth often loosen their grip on our daily lives and focus. Of course this is not always the case. We all know people who are older and still act with the desires and personality drives which are no longer age appropriate, but are so rooted in the person that he/she cannot break the trance. This is an unfortunate scenario borne of enthrallment to satisfying one’s desires over the true need to mature and allow desire to take its appropriate place in the realm of our overall experience.

The very old adage, “As above, so below, is another basic tenant of the Ancient Wisdom teachings. The microcosm is always found in the macrocosm. Fractals are a lovely example of this, or the way cars on freeways can look like the cells in our veins. Just as we are made up of cells, we are the cells of our planet, and the planets are the cells of our universe, and so on all the way up and out!

I appreciate using the lens of Esoteric Astrology to understand more about what the Soul has come here to experience. I see it like the chess game on Star Trek, which had multiple levels, like taking life and stretching it out or cubing it. This view helps me to better understand the trails and tribulations as well as the support and triumphs possible for the personality on the Path to Consciousness or, as some see it, the Path to Enlightenment.

If you are interested in finding out your Soul’s purpose, let me know and we can set up a reading. I will be writing more on this topic, so please stay tuned. I welcome your questions and comments.

Please keep an eye on Alan Oken’s website www.AlanOken.com for our upcoming webinar classes. We will be teaching two aspect webinar series in February. Alan will be teaching a four week advanced exoteric aspect delineation webinar series and I will be teaching a four week esoteric aspect delineation webinar series. We will conclude with a two week synthesis course which we will teach together. We welcome and encourage your participation.

Until next time, I wish you all the best,


“Mars Era” begins, touts NASA with the launch of Orion.

I don’t usually look at the news or even the “headlines” which bombard me when I look at certain search engine pages, but today something caught my eye: Mars Era.

I have to admit, before I even read the article, I opened Solar Fire and looked at the transits for today and I filled in a whole story that was a bit more fantastical than what actually occurred today. But, like most astrological aspects, today’s aspects signify a moment of creation, a blending of the energies in ways heretofore never experienced. They signify a moment of creation, a new way to dialogue, paths which were previously obscured become sometimes painfully obvious until they are finally “birthed” on the physical plane.


The article in MSN talks about the Orion blast off, “Liftoff at dawn, the dawn of Orion and a new era of American space exploration,” said Michael Curie, NASA announcer. The Orion is NASA’s next generation space capsule and today’s launch was a short information gathering excursion.

“This is Day 1 of the Mars era,” proclaimed NASA administrator Charles Bolden, with the long term goal being a Mars landing –in about 20 years. What I saw in the chart was very intriguing and points to some much deeper issues.


I pulled the chart for today after I saw the article, 5 December 2014 about 14:10 MST (7+ GMT). What I noticed right off the bat was Mars at 0 degrees Aquarius—the pursuit of a larger platform for humanity! Mars’s only strong aspect, or relationship to another planet, is to the Moon in Gemini. This Moon seeks to experience the unity of All that Is by looking at life from as many possible angles as possible, which will soon include a perspective actually from Mars! Mars creates a space for our human consciousness to expand when in the lofty land of the Water Bearer.



Next off, I see that the lovely Uranus Pluto Square is less than 23 minutes of one another! Uranus is slowly backing up like some sort of mad (as in bizarre) supped up Ferrari (He is in Aries after all!) delivery truck exact at 5 in the morning here in Santa Fe on 15 December. This is the sixth exact square and we have one more yet to experience on 17 March 2015 –we are almost there! One part of the Pluto Uranus dance is for us to remember we are all One, each of us a divine reflection of an aspect of the Divine. There is no division based upon color, race, religion, sexual orientation or identification, or any other means of dividing and dissecting from the view point of the Soul. We are each just an expression of the Divine.


From Dane Rudyhar regarding the Pluto and Uranus conjunction and the birth of a new relationship for humanity:


Many psychological or para-psychological mysteries would be explained if one really understood that there is but one mind — that humanity is, at the mental level, one vast organized system. This concept is not new. It was formulated in old India under the more or less mythological symbolism of the Manus, who are not to be considered as personages but rather as different aspects of the collective mind of Man. The French archaeologist and philosopher Teilhard de Chardin, whose long suppressed writings are today being read all over the globe, spoke of the “noosphere” in much the same sense as I am speaking of the one mind of humanity.


We are reaching the last few months of the opening square with Pluto and Uranus. The crisis in action when the ideas and beliefs, which were seeded in the mid 1960’s, are doubted and tested for the strength of their convictions and long term viability. The equality of humanity is an evolutionary requirement. The idea that your color, social economic status, education, spiritual beliefs or any other factor makes you somehow special and therefore above (separate) from others is a ludicrous idea viewed from your Soul as well as, of course, the Mind of God.

I then see the preponderance of planets in Sagittarius- the inveterate seeker for something out there. The Moon is also opposite Pluto, in its exalted position of ruler in Cancer and squaring Uranus, making a T square. Maybe we can find home in a shockingly new and transformative way?

I would hope that before we begin to populate other planets, that we have resolved and evolved a bit more than where we have to date. Thank you for joining me and others in working to raise the consciousness of us all.


Happy Holidays to you,



The Grand Cross What Happened?

Well, the Cardinal Grand Cross came and went last month and while there were hints of disaster here and there such as boats capsizing, avalanches killing people, sherpas striking, Crimea, Putin,  etc., the world didn’t come to an end, aliens didn’t appear from outer space and we all are continuing to do what we did before the Cross happened –or are we?

Pluto and Uranus, agents of shock and transformation were expanded by Jupiter and then Mars in retrograde backed up to complete the Cross –beep beep beep. Mars retrograde is like sitting in a high performance car with the engine revving and the emergency break set. There is the roar of power growling beneath the surface, but from the outside nothing visible changes.

Like many of you, I was concerned about what the Grand Cross would bring, especially with its tight connection with the US chart and Putin wanting to stir things up, but nothing as big as the Cross itself ended up showing up.  So I had to ask myself, what is going on? My last post spoke of these four planets in a Wild West four handed poker match with guns drawn in one hand and cards in the other. The cards represented the wild cards –literally. When we shuffle and deal a hand, we do not know what will happen. Will Lady Luck be on our side or will She favor someone else? Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune, was involved in homey, nurturing Cancer. Mars, the planet of War and Aggression had his emergency brake on in the diplomatic sign of Libra. When a planet is retrograde, it acts on a more personal, inner pathway. Instead of the race car tearing up the track and flying off into the stands, it sat there doing its work on the inside.  So ask yourself, what has been working in you and your life? Did you experience crises or were the crises happening to those around you?  Were you made an offer to expand (Jupiter) the transformational (Pluto) genius (Uranus) within you in a personal (Mars) way that could make a real difference in your life and the lives of others on this planet?

I was fortunate to be a part of Alan Oken’s Santa Fe Experience the last week of March and first week of April. People from all around the world came to our little town and we were able to experience the wit and astrological wisdom of Alan, Laura Nalbandian, Jeff Jawer and Erin Sullivan. I have to say I enjoyed myself and met some lovely people who I know will remain friends for some time. I was fortunate to make a meaningful connection with a woman named Leslie McGuirk http://luckystarsastrology.com/ who wants to partner with me to offer Astrology webinars and worskshops. She shares my belief in making Astrology accessible, pragmatic and not so heady or intellectual. I am excited to see what we will create in the coming months (if you are interested please stay tuned or email me and I will put you on our mailing list).

We Astrologers oftentimes want to see direct correlations between what the planets say by their position in the Zodiac and relationship to one another, but we also have to allow that big movements in the heavens can actually be the planting of seeds awaiting the right conditions –and time—to germinate, grow and flower in our individual and collective lives.

I am thankful for the seeds of things to come which were planted in me during this time. I am also thankful for having met many other loving conscious people who are doing their best to be conscious, help others to become more conscious and to hold the space for the birthing of this New Age. Each of us can be the change we seek.  Instead of being stressed out by the Grand Cross,  I felt a greater sense of connection with the Whole and a clearer alignment with my Purpose.


What seeds were planted in you? What patterns in your life do you seek to transform and evolve away from? What are the truths you can no longer hide from yourself and are ready to share?


Until next time, I wish each of you the best for your personal and our collective highest good,







Cross of Inspiration in the sky

There is a lot of talk about what is going on around the planet and up in the heavens. Revolution and people assembling in some countries while in other lands courts rule in favor of unlimited campaign funding.  Some of you may be perceptive and remember some of these themes of equality for women, blacks, gays, people of color as what went on in the 1960’s and you would be correct. Two planets, who were in conjoined-twin energy back in the 1960’s, are now squaring off with one another in a way that makes us re-examine and question the ideas which were seeded when these planets, Pluto and Uranus, were joined. This type of squaring off is like when you are sitting at the 12 o’clock position at a round table and you have a person to your left at 3 o’clock  or right at 9 o’clock, if you both face forward, you can only see one another out of the corner of your eye. This means that experiences and change can come as a surprise, a sort of out of left field challenge or obstacle.

As if we didn’t have enough going on with the on-going square-off from Pluto and Uranus, now Mars and Jupiter have decided to get in on this Poker game, making this into two-two way duels! Think of a four hand poker game in the wild west: cards of possibility in one hand and each with a  Colt 45 in the other cocked, loaded and pointed across the table.  Yeah, it is kind of explosive like that AND remember, I said they had cards in their hands, so anything is possible.  This is all building from now until 22 April 2014.

These four planets are in cardinal signs which are the signs of beginnings: Aries the beginning of spring, the first astrological sign, Cancer the beginning of summer birthing of babies and families, Libra the beginning of Fall and the start of relationships, and finally Capricorn the beginning of Winter and the culmination or beginning of the end of the Cardinal Cross. Many people will feel like they are on a Catherine Wheel or in the middle of four horses pulling each of their limbs in a different direction, especially if they have any personal planets in the 8-13 degree range of the cardinal signs (wider orbs for those who are more sensitive) . The U.S. chart is one that is “personally” (if that can be said about a country, but if you look at the chart of the birth of someone or something, it is personal and especially personality) being affected by this table of biggies threatening to tear down the status quo or be taken down from the status quo. This is a time of shocking (Uranus) transformation (Pluto) which is going to be enlarged or expanded (Jupiter) in a direct or possibly militaristic (Mars) way. This also points to an opportunity for some epic leadership in a way never seen before. This is a time for new beginnings –what do we want to choose? What will happen in Crimea? What will happen in Syria, Egypt, the US?

Friends and clients are asking me what can they do, how can they hold these energies in a way that helps them do their daily lives and hopefully make the world a better place.  The answer is simple, always choose love. I am not trying to sound simple or airy-fairy here, I mean it. If you start to allow fear to fill your heart and your lives, you will never feel safe, you will always wonder what will happen next. Our society is fed  by a fear making media and corporate base. Think of the cold war. Just watch the news and you will see it is all about fear: whether it is to mask (not cure) the symptoms of the latest disease fad, the rash of large scale murders (notice how more of them happen when they are covered like they are) or telling you it is cold and flu season or that you need to but plastic sheets and duck tape, the fear selling media does a great job at making us feel uncertain when we do not need to.

You have choice. You can choose to be just as careful with what you let into your head as you are with what you eat and what you think. Yes, these can be challenging times, but these are the greatest opportunity for self improvement and soul advancement. Go forth and volunteer your time, help a friend who is in need. Find and remember all of the ways you are fortunate –you have luxuries in your life that probably 75% of the world wish they could take for granted. Knowing these are challenging times, offer compassion instead of criticism and judgment. Remember the people we bring into our lives are there to help us see and learn about ourselves or to do the same for them. Clean up your relationships with friends and family members. Find ways to resolve and forgive both yourself for having been involved in hurtful situations (or even causing them) or towards others who may have caused you harm or ill will.

OM is the word of creation.  Om reminds us we are all One.  Chant your vision of peace and love into existence. I wish us all grace and compassion during these times.


P.S., I am in the middle of attending Alan Oken’s Astrology Conference here in Santa Fe. I am excited to have met and spoken with some wonderful and inspiring astrologers including Laura Nalbandian, Jeff Jawer, Erin Sullivam and of course, Mr. Alan himself. I also met a wonderful astrologer, Leslie McGuirk http://lesliemcguirk.com/  from Florida with whom I hope to collaborative soon. Stay tuned, I have a lot of info to download . . .