The Actors, also known as: the planets

There are 11 primary planets or actors performing on everyone’s stage.
We will look at these actors and the archetypes they embody.
Each of us has each of these bodies somewhere in our charts. They may be all alone in one stage (house) wearing similar clothing or using similar tools (signs) or they may be grouped in various clusters or stand by themselves wearing differing costumes or utilizing different tools.
In addition to these actors, there are personal points. These are points in space that are found using specific calculations.
We will review four of the personal points after the planets. There are more personal points you can study if you wish.
Many astrologers include other celestial bodies and personal points in their readings. Feel free to add or subtract them from your astrological studies as you see fit.
Given that each of us has particular constellations of these, each of us will have particular likes, dislikes and resonance patterns. Explore, experiment and learn.

sun_glyph Sun: The man, masculine image, the Animus in Jungian psychology, the father, how you shine and are seen, the Hero part in each of us.
moon_glyph Moon: The mother, emotional self, the Anima, feminine image, how you nurture and feel
mercury_glyph Mercury: How you communicate, think and move
venus_glyph Venus: How you perceive and experience beauty, love, art, values, money
mars_glyph Mars: How you are assertive, strong, forceful, straightforward, direct
jupiter_glyph Jupiter: How you expand your horizons, your philosophies, ways to grow
saturn_glyph Saturn: Where you are pinched or experience limitation, crystalization, maturation, discipline, boundaries, Time, “Chop wood Carry water”
chiron_glyph Chiron: The wounded healer who heals, the educator, the healer, how you wound others
uranus_glyph Uranus: How and where you are the rebel, outsider, revolutionary, genius, a punk, how you change, innovate
neptune_glyph Neptune: How and where you may be unclear, foggy, merge, flow, experience dissolution, or be filled with imagination, dreams, spirit world, Mother ocean.
pluto_glyph Pluto: How and where you experience death and rebirth, power plays, surrender, transformation, alchemy, regeneration, the burning away of all that is not you. “The great and terrible simplification”

In addition to the physical bodies mentioned above, there are points in space that are arrived at by using certain calculations and they are called personal points. I will focus on the following four personal points:
ASC – The Ascendant: You and your point of view. This is the moment when you come into this world, when you are born. This is a sensitive point in the first stage.
MC – Midheaven: Life direction or calling, “I am . . .”. This sensitive point usually occurs between the ninth and 11th stage, but is wholly dependent upon how far north or south you were born.
northnode_glyphsouthnode_glyph – The Nodes: What you are connected to. The northnode_glyph north node is often what you are aspiring to connect to whereas the southnode_glyph south node is often what you have been connected to. The north node doesn’t usually start feeling very strong until you are in your thirties or later. The south node feels very comfortable and known—often your default way of being.
fortune_glyph – Lot of Fortune or part of fortune: Your honey pot. What gives you pleasure, happiness, prosperity and comes easily.
Research has shown that the placement of certain planets in certain relationships with one another provides a statistically significant determination of events, careers, relationships, revolutions, wars, etc.
Francoise and Michel Gauquelin are best known for their groundbreaking “Mars Effect” research they starting in the 1950’s. They found that professional athletes often had Mars in certain placements such as at the Mid Heaven and just above the Ascendant in the natal chart.
Further studies found similar relationships for other planets: Saturn for Scientists, Jupiter for Politicians, and Moon for Writers.
Understanding how your actors are operating in the sign they find themselves at the time of your birth is important.
We will now look at the signs, or costumes the planets can wear.