The Costumes and tools, also known as: the signs

The costumesThe astrological sign is like a costume the planet wears or the tools they use to get their message across.
How each planet or actor in your life is outfitted depends upon the sign in which they are found.
Here are the following 12 signs and their key archetypal words.
I need to note that every 20 years or so some astronomer states the accurate fact that the astrological signs are no longer in alignment with the times of year. This is due to precession of the equinox.
If you understand that each sign represents a time of year such as Aries for the start of Spring or Leo as High Summer or Sagittarius as the transition from Fall into Winter, then you will understand much of the energies involved with each of the following signs or Costumes.

aries_glyph  Aries: Armor, spark, impulsive, shield, sword or knife
taurus_glyph  Taurus: Food, sensuality, practical, earthy, luxury, wine
gemini_glyph  Gemini: Restless, Mutable, Electrical, cellular telephone, laptop
cancer_glyph  Cancer: Nurturing, hearth, sensitive
leo_glyph  Leo: Regal, lion, Bold, Dynamic
virgo_glyph  Virgo: Service robes, engineer lab coat, careful, precise, Discriminating, caliper
libra_glyph  Libra: Ambassador, relating, balance, delicate, two scales
scorpio_glyph  Scorpio: Sexuality, power, dominatrix, private, deep
sagittarius_glyph  Sagittarius: Professor’s robes or graduate gowns, expansive, buoyant, archer aimed high
capricorn_glyph  Capricorn: Business suit, judge’s robes, police person, structured
aquarius_glyph  Aquarius: Making the cosmic ideas available to mankind, electric waves, detached, Progressive, hippie
pisces_glyph  Pisces: Water, Impressionable, Intuitive, Crystal Ball

zodiacYou have all 12 in your chart. See which of the descriptions conjure up feelings or other images, see if you can get a feel for some of the costumes and tools your actors like to use.
Now we will look at the Houses or Stages upon which your costumed actors perform their acts.